Palash Roy is a content creators and social media influencers

Palash Roy, one of the young content creators and social media influencers, breaks all odds to be a social media sensation and has made it big in the digital content creation space.

Having a robust fanbase of 195.5k followers and millions of engagement on his social media profiles, he is making his way among the top content creators and influencers in today’s time.

He is known for making relatable and trending contents according to the interests of the audience and current trends. Roy owns a company named “Roy Digital” and is getting famous with his content and exhibition activities.

Palash started his journey in 2014. He collaborated with several international companies like- Unilever, Coca-Cola and renowned personalities. He has been active on social media platforms since 2013.

‘Today’s era is growing at a rapid pace and digitalization is reaching a new height. I make sure to create content which has a universal appeal and due to cut-throat competition, I need to make sure that my content stands at a standard level,’ said Roy

He also said, ‘Making and delivering contents as per the taste of the audience have always worked tremendously on the digital space and that has always been my main focus.’

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