Bangladesh Inter-Education Board announces HSC exam timing for 2025

Professor Tapan Kumar explained that while the HSC examinations traditionally start in the first week of April, the schedule was disrupted in previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.This year, he said, efforts have been made to revert to the earlier schedule. “The exam will be held in April next year.”

Education board officials highlighted the challenges of conducting exams during the monsoon, which spans June and July.They noted that this period is not ideal for public examinations due to potential weather disruptions.

However, the pandemic-induced delays had left them with no choice but to hold exams during this time in previous years. The officials are optimistic that the 2025 schedule marks a return to normalcy.

In related news, this year’s HSC examination commenced today, Sunday, under eight general education boards. The exams began at 10am with the Bengali (compulsory) first paper.However, examinations under the Sylhet Education Board and the Madrasah and Technical Education Boards have been postponed until July 8 due to recent floods. Exams scheduled to be held in these boards from July 9 onwards will proceed as planned.

This year, a total of 14,50,790 candidates are participating in the HSC, Alim, HSC (BM/BMT), HSC (Vocational), and Diploma in Commerce examinations across nine general education boards, the Technical Education Board, and the Madrasa Education Board.

Among these candidates, 7,50,281 are male students, and 7,00,509 are female students. The exams are being conducted in 2,725 centers across 9,463 educational institutions.The return to the traditional April schedule for the 2025 HSC examinations marks a significant step towards stabilising the academic calendar post-pandemic, offering students and educators a more predictable and manageable timeframe for preparation and assessment.

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