4 daily habits that can change your life

We have little time in this life, but we are more self-satisfied with what we are making with it.

According to the Prophet Muhammad, “There are two blessings that many lose: health and free time to do good.” Sahih Al- Bukhari 76:421

Contrary to what this hadith shows in phrases of the preciousness of time, Muslims nowadays locate themselves weighed down via way of means of laziness and infinite procrastination; each of which can be adverse to our productiveness geared toward reaching fulfillment in now no longer handiest in the world but the hereafter as well. Here are four tips to help you be more productive:

Perform Tahajjud prayers

People find that Tahajjud awakening is constantly struggling. However, the reality is the exact opposite. Sacrificing those minutes of sleep for Allah and relying on him the next day for the work in front of him is one of the most important factors in achieving productivity.

Our Holy Prophet says, “While you sleep, Satan ties three knots on each of your backs and breathes the following words at each knot. When he is unleashed, the second knot is untied, and when he prays, all knots are untied, and he wakes up in the morning to be cheerful and energetic. Otherwise, he will be discouraged and lethargic.” Bukhari 4:491

Once you get into the habit of performing your Tahajjud prayers, your body clock will finally mold into your spiritual clock, giving a kick begin to your day.

Plan daily activities and make a checklist

You have to have your day deliberate in advance and start out your day with clean desires in mind. To aimlessly wander during the day isn’t always fruitful. Some humans have a tendency to be patient with what the day brings without putting any specific goals.

Having a busy schedule and being busy all day now no longer always imply productiveness. Having direction is fundamental to being productive. Without having a hard and fast aim in mind, one can’t likely have a clean and positive direction. Make a checklist in case you want- they are able to show to be without a doubt helpful. Once you’ve got a list, you can pay attention to checking off the extraordinary obligations during the day and be assured, that with each tick on the list, you’ll experience invigoration and efficiency. So plan ahead, and you’ll see your everyday productiveness degrees rise.

Dhikr – Remember your Lord

To manage your daily work more effectively and find it easier in your work in general, engage in Dhikr – remembrance of Allah; it increases your overall productivity like nothing else. The Holy Prophet said, “When you lie down, say: ‘Glory to Allah’ 33 times. ‘Praise to the Allah’ 33 times and ‘Allah is the Greatest’ 34 times. It will be better for you than a servant.” Sunan Abi Dawud 5062

Get into the habit of practicing Dhikr every night before going to bed. Use these last minutes before bed to remember your Lord and you will find it easier to go about your daily tasks. Remembrance of the Lord and reliance on Him is what makes productivity possible.

Read and memorize a few verses of the Quran

Although we download some Islamic apps on our phones to remind us to do our daily Islamic obligations like offering the daily Salah and reading the Quran, we tend to do so with trivial flair, without really understanding the true meaning of performing these duties.

In the midst of our hectic schedules, we tend to forget the power of the perfect book of Allah and its influence on our daily lives. Start memorizing a few verses, maybe even just one or two at first, and wait for its effects to seep into your life and enjoy its beneficial results.

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